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Just one-half mile from the entrance to Zion National Park

Zion Cayon Bed & Breakfast SignsZion Canyon Bed and Breakfast is located next to Zion National Park, which has a myriad of deep sandstone canyons extending over 30 miles while covering 229 square miles. The canyons in Zion were named by early Mormon settlers, and many of the formations in the park have biblical names. The park was established in 1909 as Mukuntuweap National Monument and expanded in 1919 to Zion National Park. The park is composed mostly of sandstone stained by the oxidizing of iron in the rock. Zion National Park with its many canyons contains 75 species of mammals, 271 species of birds, 32 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 8 species of fish in the streams and rivers.

The town of Springdale, Utah is located at the southwest entrance of Zion National Park. Our Bed and Breakfast in Springdale is your ideal base for exploration of Zion National Park. We are within walking distance to the main part of the town restaurants, gift shops and shuttle stops. Yet our Bed and Breakfast property is set back quietly from the highway and runs along the Virgin River. We invite you to come relax, and let the spectacutar surroundings work their wonders at making you feel renewed.